Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Cameron's 1st birthday on the Saturday before his birthday, March 2.  His nursery is still decorated as The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Since I love it so much, and Cameron can't tell me what he wants yet, I decided to run with the theme for his 1st birthday.  Let me tell you, there are TONS of ideas out there.  I spent many, many, MANY hours (and dollars) on Pinterest and Etsy coming up with ideas.

I decided to base the food off of ALL the foods (yes, ALL) the caterpillar ate in the book.

On Monday, he ate 1 apple (and my mom's yummy Heath bar dip)

 On Tuesday he ate 2 pears.  On Wednesday, he ate 3 plums.  I used my apothecary jars with Trix cereal (which looks like the polka dots in the book).

On Friday, he ate oranges (mandarin to be exact)

AND....on Saturday, I went a little cRaZy!!



Mini cherry pies (I used pie crust and a muffin tin to make them mini)

Lollipops- these are now my big SUPER DUPER reward in my classroom, and man, have my kids been working : )

Ok, now I know the caterpillar didn't eat cookies, but, I saw these on Etsy and thought they were adorable so I had to get them.

I found the fondant topper idea on Pinterest and had a baker make them for me.....ADORABLE!!

Swiss cheese and salami, errrrr....ham and turkey

The food table

Cameron's smash cake

His cake (peanut butter and chocolate on top, champagne and strawberry on the bottom). It turned out AMAZING and was delicious.

I used a lot of the decor that we already had (things from Cameron's room)

This table is very special to me.  My LEA from Fayette Middle painted this table for me (Cameron's name is painted on the bottom shelf).  I absolutely love it. THANK YOU KIM!!!!
I ordered the candy bar labels and wrapped 72 candy bars.

Cameron and Ella-Kate counting to bubbles to make sure there are enough for everyone.

I ordered this banner from Etsy.  I emailed her the photos on a Monday, and she rushed it and had it delivered on Thursday.  It looks amazing and will hang in Cameron's room.  It is something I think I will always treasure.  Visit her store at TamaraMarieOriginals.  She does WONDERFUL work.

I also ordered pinwheels from Etsy.  Visit her shop at Paper Polaroid.

I wrapped water bottles...

....and juice boxes.


Cameron waiting for his friends to arrive

Cam and KK

Cam and Grandmama (Max's mom)

 My friend Cameron and her daughter Ella-Kate with Cameron (got it?)

Cameron, Cameron, Ella-Kate, and Papa Kay (Max's dad)

I had to get him out of the bubble basket a few times

My friend Meredith (from high school), her almost 1 year old Gable, and her mom Melanie (Melly)

Melly and Gable.  So excited to go to his 1st birthday party in a few weeks.

Cameron and Mrs. Carol.  Carol was my para-pro my last year at Fayette Middle.  When I went on maternity leave, she took over my room, and then when I moved to Burch, she took my room permanently.  She is a very sweet friend.

Ya-ya (my mom) and Cameron

Cameron getting some standing and walking tips from Gable.

Uncle Dale (Max's uncle), Papa Kay, Aunt Donna (Max's Aunt), and Ya-ya

Cameron, Aunt Donna, Ya-ya, Meredith, and Melly

Birthday boy

Aunt Donna, Cam, and Grandmama

Aunt Donna, Cam, Papa Kay, and Ya-ya

Mrs. Michelle and Cameron.  I went with Michelle and her 2 daughters to NYC when I was about 32 weeks with Cameron.  Michelle and I also worked for 2 years together at Fayette Middle.  A very good friend of mine.

Me, baby Lucy, Marcie, and O-dog (Owen).  I work with Anna (Lucy's mom) and Marcie at Burch.  We celebrated Owen's birthday a week before Cameron's.  Owen and Cameron are 2 weeks apart.  Marcie is also an Auburn grad.  Love them, and I am very sad Marcie is moving to Mississippi at the end of the school year.

Gable and Cameron

Courtney and her girls, Grace and Olivia.  Courtney lives across the street from my parents.  She helped me get into the school system by letting me spend a week in her classroom when I was at Auburn.  Great friend and wonderful teacher full of ideas.

Gable, Cameron, and Ella-Kate

O-dog bustin' a move

Cameron and Michelle

Me and Cathy.  I met Cathy when I spent a week in Courtney's room. I remember her telling me that when I graduated and started looking for a job to let her know.  Well, 2 years later I did just that.  She sat in on my interview and was my consultant for my first 3 years.  She is wonderful and KNOWS HER STUFF. 

Marcie with Owen and Cameron guarding the stairs.

Most of my school friends

Can you tell they are brothers?

Ya-ya and Cam giving Aunt Donna the tour

My friend Kristen had a baby 2 weeks before Cameron's party, and she still braved coming to his party.  Here I am with Baby Trinity.  I could SO do this again.

Meredith, Gable, and Melly

Cam and Daddy

He loved the balloons

Anna, my SLP at Burch, and baby Lucy sporting her hairbow.

Uncle Dale and Grandmama

Michelle with her girls, Grace and Victoria, Cam, and Max

Trinity, Kristen (new mom), and Katie

Getting ready for presents

Not that Cameron needed a thing, but we did ask that instead of bringing a card if they would bring a book instead. I LOVE sitting and reading with Cameron, and you can never have enough books.  I stole the poem I included with invitations from my friend Marcie:

One small request that won't be too hard
Please bring a book instead of a card.
Whether Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh
You can sign the book with a note from you.

Cameron got a new, big boy carseat from Papa Kay and Grandmama


Michelle and Cam

At first, not so bad

Still ok.....

The three of us

And then all hell breaks lose.

Anna, Lucy, Me, Cameron, Owen, and Marcie.....Burch friends

Me, Cam, Meredith, and Gable.....I was watching to make sure Cameron wouldn't slime Meredith

Me and my best friend from college, Ally (sorry for the weird face).  Ally now lives in Atlanta.


I think his party turned out wonderful. It was a lot of fun.  I'm sure I went overboard, and I know I spent way too much, especially on something he won't remember, but when you love someone so much, you want to give them everything.

We bought Cameron one of those yellow and red Little Tikes cars and a swing set that isn't put together yet (hopefully very soon).  

I cannot believe he is 1.  I know everyone says that time flies by, and it really does.  We are very blessed with a wonderful baby boy.  It has been so much fun watching him grow over the past year.  He is a happy, easy going baby.  Thank you God for the blessing of Cameron. 

Happy birthday Cameron! We love you!!